Welcome back!

It’s the start of a new year, and we have several new members in the group. Welcome to senior thesis students Fahim Khan and Avi Brach-Neufeld, juniors Hannah Beams, Becca Minsley, and Alex Jiang! Morgan Baxter is returning from a successful summer project to start his senior thesis as well.

Fahim is going to be focusing on some interesting infrastructure, trying to figure out how to streamline the management of supercomputer simulations. Avi will be investiating the non-linear Goldreich-Schubert-Fricke instability. Morgan Baxter will be continuing on to applying GQL to Taylor-Couette flows.

Becca and Alex are starting a new project to find exact non-linear states for active matter. Meanwhile, Hannah is going to lead the charge to apply Dedalus to stochastic PDEs, with an investigation of the KPZ equation.

It was a busy and productive summer, with Morgan’s summer research project on the magnetorotational instability leading to his first paper, which will be submitted this week. Look for more details very soon.